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Cheaters: Lee Edition

LeeTV does an edition of cheaters on campus, don’t cheat!

Sports and Announcements

LeeTV reminds students of upcoming events, wins.

Need tutoring?

LeeTV reminds students to go to tutoring if they need help.

Attention: No Sleeping in Clas

LeeTV reminds students to NOT sleep in class.

Like a Good Neighbor Tutoring is There

LeeTV informs students that tutoring is available, just ask your teacher.

Faces of Lee

LeeTV takes photographs of students around campus

Use Common Sense

LeeTV advises students to use their common sense.

LeeTV: Be a Friend, Not a Bully

LeeTV reminds students to be kind to one another and to

Happy Valentine’s day

LeeTV wishes everyone a happy valentine's day

Volunteer nation: How many times can you juggle a soccer ball?

LeeTV asks students to juggle a soccer ball

Be a helping hand

LeeTV reminds student to be helpful

LeeTV: Sports update

LeeTV reminds students about upcoming sports events and wins.

Organization of the Week: JROTC

The JROTC Veteran's Day Ceremony caused us to choose JROTC as

Lee Cross Country Heads to District

The Lee Cross Country team is heading into the biggest competition

Stop Bullying Shirts Available

LeeTV films Unity club. They are selling t-shirts to stand up
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