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Senior Visits Southeast Asia, Launches New Program

Jocelyn Hernandez takes in the sights outside the city center of

A Novel Ready To Go

A Creative Writer freshman completes a novel for NaNoWriMo and takes

God’s Plan

Japanese teacher attended her final day on Dec. 21, and moved

What to Leave Behind in 2012

From YOLO to apocalypse predictions, 2012 was filled with many trends

Visiting Guam: A Place of Beauty

By Enrico Sepulveda On my visit to Guam, I saw amazing

Do’s and Don’ts in Valentine Gifts- For Girls

By Elaine Briseno As Valentines Day approaches and as you scramble for some

Santa Hat Brownies Will Liven Up the Holidays

  Here’s a quick and easy recipe made especially for the

Christmas DIY

By Kayla McCaine Hot Glue Glittery Snowflake Ornaments Supplies needed: Glue sticks

Chuck Norris jokes like a boss. 。◕‿◕。

So do you like Chuck Norris jokes? then you will find

Lee Looks – Fall Fashion

By Elaine Briseno Name:  Sarah Duran Position: Student (10) ISA’s Sarah

Lee Looks- Fall Edition

Lee Looks, Fall Edition, looks at the latest styles for teachers

Halloween Activities This Weekend

There are many interesting events happening this year during Halloween. Popular


Looking for other Halloween related activities besides haunted houses? Go to

Austin City Limits 2012 Wrap Up

The Austin City Limits musical festival took place this year from

Teacher Feature: Phillip Gresham

Phillip Gresham is a World History teacher for sophomores at Lee.
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