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Vile Villains Set for Halloween Costume Inspiration

By Kayla McCaine As Halloween approaches, some might be having trouble

Milton Lima Shocks Stadium with Example

by Ebony and Enrico Using his faith to bring two teams

The Mortal Instruments Series Review

The Mortal Instruments, a series written by author Cassandra Clare, is

Magik Theatre: A Place for Kids Big or Small

By Sarah Titus Magik Theatre is a professional children’s theatre in downtown

Reflecting On Columbine’s 13th Anniversary

This Friday marks the 13th anniversary of the Columbine High School

Making Art Special

Special Education Students grow and change through art.

Student Spotlight: Josh Villegas Has the ‘Write’ Start

Although only a Sophomore, Creative Writer Josh Villegas has accomplished a

No Affection Allowed In School

Watch this video by LeeTV about affection in school.

Lee Looks Style Blog: Sarah Adams

A Senior reveals the inspiration behind her unique, effortless style.

Student Spotlight: Marshall Badger ‘Draws’ Inspiration

The Bugle call interviews Senior Marshall Badger, a passionate Visual Arts

“Why I Like You…”

This middle school tale reveals a heart-warming story of acceptance.

Students Honor Deaf Awareness Day in Silence

Students honor Deaf Awareness Day in silence.

Cinema Student Wins Youngarts Film Competion

Senior Taylor Gonzalez placed in the NFAA Youngarts national film competition.

Lee Looks Style Blog: Jose Montelongo

An ISA Senior reveals his fashion inspiration and cool, quirky style.
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