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Student Spotlight: Tomas Maldonado, The Little Trumpet Player That Could

The Bugle Call talks with talented musician and Lee band member,

Underwater Fun in Aquatic Science

Feeding fish isn't all you do Aquatic Science.

Teacher Feature: Brannon Baker

Take a look at the voice behind the speakers, Assistant Band

Music = Life

What are teens favorites when it comes to music?

Is Lady Gaga the New Courtney Love?

In the 90’s, Courtney Love was dubbed “the princess of grunge

A Rising Star: Genesis Dibrell

There is a rising star here on Lee campus, and her

What Career Do You Want?

As we’re get older, adults ask us what do we want

Closet Full of Clothes.

Clothes, its an everyday thing that people wear every day. Piles

Your Typical Makeup

MAC, Sephora, Cover Girl, Maybeliene and a whole lot of different

Grace Phipps, Lee Grad Star

Grace Phipps entered her NESA audition as an 8th grader like

Submit Films To Seguin Filming & Arts Festival

This year marks the seventh¬†annual Seguin Film & Arts Festival. It’ll

First NHS Meeting

Tuesday September 6th is the first official meeting for NHS! It

The Bugle’s Call: Best Time Wasting Websites (Miranda’s List)

THE MIRANDA NICOLE EDITION. Bugle Call editor Miranda Nicole lists her

NESA Shows Off 800 lbs. Of Talent

Congratulations to sophomore NESA Visual Arts student Hayden Sherman. Hayden won

MAY Movie Preview

Find out the coming film attractions for the month of MAY.
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