Lee Life Archive

NHS Crafts Cards From the Heart

NHS students made home-made Valentine's Day cards for the elderly

“Why I Like You…”

This middle school tale reveals a heart-warming story of acceptance.

Students Honor Deaf Awareness Day in Silence

Students honor Deaf Awareness Day in silence.

Bugle Blog Week 19

Student Spotlight: Jessica Moulton

Artist Jessica Moulton reveals where her passion for art came from.

Snapshot Series: Little Shop of Horrors is Coming Along

Little Shop of Horrors runs January 19 through the 22.

Singing (Japanese) Karaoke

Watch Stephen and Patrick perform for Japanese class.

Lee Looks Style Blog: Jose Montelongo

An ISA Senior reveals his fashion inspiration and cool, quirky style.

Students Advance to the Region 12 Band

The following students auditioned yesterday at Judson High school and earned a

Little Shop of Horrors Cast Announced

And they’re out! The following students for being cast in the

Student Spotlight: Tomas Maldonado, The Little Trumpet Player That Could

The Bugle Call talks with talented musician and Lee band member,

Pause, Rewind, ReplayIt!

ReplayIt, by Jostens, allows students to look back on high school

Jock Box: Devin Woodard

Devin Woodard on the new and exciting gentleman's sport, Ultimate Frisbee.

What’s on Your iPod?

A quick look into a student's musical taste.
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