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What’s On Your iPod: Shuffle Mix

This week, The Bugle Call asked junior Dillon Smalley-McGown to share

Music = Life

What are teens favorites when it comes to music?

What Kind of People Are You Into?

Smart, average, short, tall, pretty, plain?  There are many types of

What Career Do You Want?

As we’re get older, adults ask us what do we want

Closet Full of Clothes.

Clothes, its an everyday thing that people wear every day. Piles

Terrifying Moments

Think of the most terrifying moment of your life, and, if

Lee Students Show-Off

At Lee there is talent everywhere and students don’t even know

Healthy Habits For Healthy Living

Looking for ways to stay healthy for your New School Year

Talents – Check This Out!

What can you do? Video showcases talents at Lee
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