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Snapple Fact Of The Week

“Real Fact” #237: The number of times a cricket chirps in

9 to 5 Cast Announced

The cast for the 9 to 5 The Musical is set

Snapple Fact Of The Week

“Real Fact” #357: A baboon is a variety of lemon.

What We Have Learned From Bruce Lee

It’s been two weeks since the 42nd anniversary of Bruce Lee’s

Creative Writers Are Set For Art Unplugged This Saturday

This Saturday, Dec. 13, the NESA Creative Writer's will be having

Picture Day

This comic shows how addicted we are to our electronics. These

Full House For All Four Steppin’ Shows

You know the film festivals, and A Gathering of Writers, and

Tips For Broadcasters

To become a broadcaster, you'll need to study and obtain a

Snapple Fact Of The Week

“Real Fact” #466: During the Boston Tea Party, 342 chests of

‘Steppin’ Into The Holidays’ Starts This Friday

This Friday, Dec. 5, in the auditorium, starting at 7:30 p.m.,
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