LeeTV-Shorts Archive

LeeTv: Lee Vs. Madison Highlights

A look back at the Madison game when the No. 1

LeeTV: Oct. 16

LeeTV Oct. 9

LeeTV Oct. 2

LeeTV Sept.14

Final Episode of LeeTV…For Now

Remember the good times with LeeTV.

Lee TV Latest: April 10

Enjoy the latest episode of the student-produced LeeTV.

Think Twice, Be Nice

LeeTV reminds students to be nice to one another.

Eat Breakfast, Not Brains

LeeTv reminds students to stay focused during the last few months

Look Around To See the Faces of Lee

Find some familiar faces on LeeTV.

DANGER: Senioritis

LeeTV warns students against the dangers of senioritis.

Have Your ID: You Need It

LeeTv reminds students again that they need their IDs at all

Ask Lee: What’s Your Favorite Basketball Team?

LeeTV asks students who their favorite basketball team is.

Do You Know the Next Student Holiday?

LeeTV asks quizzes students on their knowledge of school holidays.
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