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Lee Announcements

Congrats & Good Luck Lee Vols

LeeTv tell students about other students accomplishments

Don’t Block the Halls

Watch Out!

LeeTv reminds students not to steal anything

Spring Break Almost Here!

LeeTv reminds students that were still in school & spring break

Bianca’s random fun facts

Join In On the Fun (Facts)

Amaze your teachers with these random but fun facts.

Don’t You Forget About Me: Buy A Yearbook

Order your 2012 yearbook now and hold on to the memories

Don’t Jaywalk This Way

LeeTV says, look both ways before crossing the street.

Long Lost and Found

LeeTV reminds students to check the lost and found for their

Ask Lee: Who’s Your Favorite Actor?

LeeTV asks students who their favorite actor is.

San Antonio’s Got Talent

LeeTV shows off this week's edition of talented students.

LeeTV Latest: 2/28

Watch this week's LeeTV video announcements.
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