LeeTV-Shorts Archive

No ‘Sound of Music’ in the Halls

LeeTV reminds students to keep their iPods, MP3s, and phones at

Give A Little Bit Of Your Love on Video

LeeTV gives students a way to show how much they care

Look, Learn, and Listen

LeeTV says: Listen to your teachers!

A Perspective on Black History Month

Lee TV takes a look at Black History Month.

Latest Video Announcements: Feb. 7

Catch up on this week's episode of LeeTV.

No ID, No Lunch, No Service

LeeTv reminds you of the importance of bringing your ID every

“Big Game: Giants or Patriots?”

Giants or Patriots? LeeTV asks students who they root for.

What’s Groundhog Day?

LeeTV asks students about the true meaning of groundhog day.
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