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MUNSA Delegation Over Birth Registration

From December 6th through 8th the International School of the Americas

ISA Freshman Trip: The Experience Of A Lifetime.

Heifer, Arkansas. Does the name ring any bells? Probably not. But

NESA Cinema Speaker On November 17

The North East School of the Arts Cinema department is hosting

NESA Performs Cats: REVIEW

Cats. An interesting musical, a broadway classic, and a NESA production

Built To Compete; STEM Robotics Teams Goes To State

The STEM robotics team competed last Saturday, in the SA Best

Who Are The Vociferous Volunteers?

The administration is starting a new club called the ‘Vociferous Volunteers’.

STEM Goes Eco-Friendly; Wind Turbine Complete

The wind turbine created by STEM students will eventually be used

A Painting of CATS

NESA Visual Artists began preparing the costumes for the next musical,

NESA Creative Writers Schedule Event

A Gathering of Poets and Writers.Dead or Alive will take place on

ISA Wins Baylor, Rice University Model United Nations

The International School of the Americas was awarded with 3rd Best

Heifer Ranch: Tips for the Trip

“Use regular wood, not bamboo…it blows up!” – Hunter Jackson, 10th

NESA Student of the Month-OctoberSanchez: Musician In Transition

NESA student Daniel Sanchez started out in a shelter, then moved

Jammin’ for Peace Day

115 members strong, Peace Jam plans to take on challenges facing

NESA VA at work

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