Austin City Limits Music Festival

ACL starts on September 30 – October 9, it includes many

TV takes a step up starting September

Thanks to a mixture of fan support and positive critic reviews,

New Calendar Has 26 Days Off

Students love days off right? Of course they do. Introducing the new

Yearbook 2016

With the new program that enables Lee journalism to sell cheaper yearbooks,

Better run , passing period 6 minutes

Due to the new construction there had to be a new


Snapple Fact Of The Week

“Real Fact“ # 68 The longest one syllable word is “screeched.”

Snapple Fact Of The Week

“Real Fact“ # 996 Sea otters hold each other’s paws while sleeping so

Snapple Fact Of The Week

“Real Fact“ # 906 Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated.

Snapple Fact Of The Week

“Real Fact“ # 434 In the U.S. a pig has to weigh more

Snapple Fact Of The Week

“Real Fact“ # 383 Mount Katahdin in Maine is the first place in

Easy Win For Varsity Baseball Team On Saturday

After being rescheduled three times due to the rain, the baseball

The Best Saved For Last

NESA’s extraordinary and talented dancers, including some Musical Theater students, performed
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