The Addiction to AutoTune

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   When inventor Andy Hildebrand invented AutoTune to detect pitch and oil for his seismic data exploration, he didn’t realize its eventual massive impact on the whirlwind of a music industry. To say that most of today’s artists are presenting themselves to the world with “natural talent” is an understatement. So when avid music listeners line up to purchase the latest CDs, or download the newest track, they’re basically falling into the flaming pit of fraud talent the music industry has been attempting to promote.

    For those who are unaware of what AutoTune is, it’s a “secret weapon” artists use to correct flat or sharp notes. It can also produce a controlled version of an artist “losing control” in a song. So the next time someone listens to a musician’s work, they shouldn’t consider it authentic.

    Not to assume that all musicians are poor live singers. Some such as Beyonce and Pink manage to display their natural voice in their natural voice in the recording studio and in front of a live audience. As for others like mainstream artists Ke$ha, Jason Derulo, and Nicki Minaj, AutoTune is what they live and breathe.

    AutoTune shouldn’t be banned from the studio either, but it’s usage should be limited. Before all this technology was invented, studio sessions consisted of talented performers recording a track with actual instruments. Apparently those kinds of recording sessions have become equivalent to an endangered species.

    It now seems as though becoming a musician isn’t difficult. The ability to sing doesn’t seem to matter anymore, AutoTune can basically do the job. So much for singing competitions like American Idol.

    It doesn’t make sense to promote someone who looks like a talented singer, when in truth he or she cannot carry a tune. In fact, it’s rather disappointing. The music industry’s usage of AutoTune doesn’t seem to be fading away anytime soon, so music listeners should be prepared for a letdown.

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