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Many may feel uninterested or dissatisfied with the usual fast food chains when it comes to deciding on where to eat. Dine in restaurants around the MacArthur area provide ample choice and delectable flavor for any occasion. Years upon years of refinement in our own community keep the Brahma world ahead in its game, keeping alive both tradition and, more importantly, food option.

Style and appeal prove to be major factors in the food industry, and many prospering businesses with such appeal remain privately owned, providing their own varieties of meals. Established in 1964, Capparelli’s Pizza and Bakery on Broadway at 410 gives this appeal.

“It is a small Italian restaurant that I heard was really good,” senior Patrick McGinty said.

Keeping the family scene close, the menu derives many different Italian recipes and keeps the quality to its best.

When in the mood for a sandwich, one applicable restaurant is the Thundercloud Subs on Nacogdoches. The atmosphere is described as “comfortable, and down to earth,” sophomore Jackson Grosskopf said, after he enjoyed his turkey sandwich. Thundercloud Subs has been in operation since 1975, and today the Austin based shop prides itself in the freshness of produce and quality.

Thundercloud Subs

Down the road, the Quarry Market is home to Chipotle, a praised Mexican burrito restaurant among many high school students.

“They make the food in front of you, with only the things you want: and it is all natural. The only con would be if you are opposed to relatively spicy food,” junior Kelley Incledon said.

The chain is based out of Denver, Colorado.

Martha's Mexican Restaurant

Lastly, Marthas Mexican Restaurant, located on the opposite side of 410 from Capparelli’s, puts together its homestyle Hispanic cooking, all together with its own mariachi band and colorful decorations. Established in 1998, it remains privately owned, and is even expanding, creating another location near the neighboring Churchill area.

“I always get the enchiladas, they are the best thing on the menu,” junior Michael Saenz said.

These few locations hardly take the top off of prospective dinner places, and each one holds its own style, appealing to each person interviewed, and their respective appetite. Whether the mood is light and healthy or more wholesome, the MacArthur area provides a satisfying option.

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