No Tunnel Vision

Bullseye Poetry Contest Flyer

Creativity comes in all shapes, sizes, minds and bodies. Bullseye, Mac’s literary art magazine, is a publication devoted to the literary arts. Poets, writers, photographers and composers are all welcome to submit their best works to the publication.

“What we want to do is let our artists, performers and writers debut their material. We want for [the student body] to see Mac’s best creators, writers, and artists so students won’t think their school is so ‘lame’,” Bullseye sponsor Mr. Andrew Arnatt said.

Many artists don’t have an outlet for their works to be published to the general community. Either you’d go out and schedule a performance at a venue or show off your stories to your friends. However many can agree that isn’t enough. Bullseye is the perfect publication for a artist to submit their work and have it published.

“Right now we’re holding a poetry contest, which ends on Oct.1. All Mac students are welcome to submit their work. What this magazine is meant to do is to allow students to promote themselves and let others see what their peers have to offer. I hope that everyone will, in a way, appreciate their peers and the arts more. This year we plan to have several magazines published, and also host a coffee house,” said Mr. Arnatt.

The Blackbox/Coffee House is definitely a main event during the year. Everyone from musicians to poets are invited to come perform their works in front of the Mac community. Students with bands, poetry skills, or dance routines are the usual performers; however, it is encouraged that more storytellers and writers come join and share their talents. Each year there’s a different theme, such as last years “Robot vs. Ninja”. This year the considered theme is “Masquerade Ball”.

“The kids on staff are usually nonjudgemental and really open to new music and ideas. They all bring in a new sense of culture. Their music taste is really good too; I like how each person is true to themselves. In a way, they don’t have “tunnel vision”. They always want to experience new things,” said Arnatt. If you want to join the Bullseye staff, drop by Mr. Arnatt’s room in C251.

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