Natural Beauty Movement

   Everyday, more teenagers fall into the black hole of self-uncertainty as the majority of advertising constantly gives them misconceptions of beauty and its definition. Through the glamorous images portrayed in the media, the message of how one should look is marred, and results in a decrease of self-esteem. But it’s with this evident struggle that motivates campaigns of natural beauty and self confidence to blossom and grow. One in particular, the Natural Beauty Movement, was recently launched by seniors Jordyn Crain and Taylor Montemayor. Hoping to make a change with this misled idea, both girls decided to make a declaration against it by proposing others to reduce makeup wear or go natural most of the week, and by launching the challenge “No Make-Up November”.

  “I was so angered by the amount of girls that thought they had to wear makeup to be considered beautiful,” Montemayor said.

     And while the weekly experiment is somewhat a test for many, the association is vying for a progression in participation.

  “It’s not so much not wearing makeup, but embracing your beauty without it,” Crain said.

Devyn Crain (10) embraces her natural looks with self-confidence.

   The inspiration for the demonstration is rather empowering for the founders.

   “[We hope] to encourage girls to embrace who they really are, not to follow a label and society; to realize we are a jewel, and a heart that is captivating. It’s not what society would call beautiful,” said Montemayor.

    The overall goal Jordyn and Taylor hope to gain out of the campaign is for its followers to attain one characteristic for success: self-confidence.

   “[The purpose of this movement is] to make others feel comfortable with themselves. People were given what they were given for a reason; there’s no shame in hiding it,” Crain said.

     Even though the Natural Beauty Movement is in its infancy stages, the objectives of having and maintaining self-acceptance aren’t limited to just teenage girls. Its ideal target audience is everyone in the high school community.

  “We don’t want to force it, but we’re trying to reveal [students’] beauty through themselves. It’s terrible for those who dwell on their weight, looks, and other aspects that they don’t find suiting,” said Crain.

     While popularity has yet to blossom, both girls are hopeful in its impact on the student body.

  “Our little sisters are still here, and we hope the younger generations at this school take on this challenge for years to come,” Montemayor said.

Sisters Devyn (10) and Jordyn (12) Crain celebrate the beauty that is themselves.

      It’s through this diligent practice that the bare necessities of life are soon to show.

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2 thoughts on “Natural Beauty Movement

  1. Hey i’m Jessica i am currently a senior at churchill high school.I really think this was a great idea it is outrageous how many girls think they need to wear make-up in order for them to be beautiful.I’m glad to say i have been seeing alot more girls cutting down on makeup,including myself though i’ve never really worn heavy makeup.

  2. The prettist girls are the ones who feel comfortable in their own skin…its the confidence that is just so astounding!

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