Brahma Ballads 2.0

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Courtesy of Brahma Tales Publications, here is the weekly dose of personally selected music for your pleasure.


This New York based, jazzy electronic-rock band Ratatat consists of two fellows, the guitarest Mike Stroud as well as multi instrument/programer Evan Mast. The two put together a mess of sound in albums such as ‘Classics’ (2006) and ‘LP3’ (2008). Their most recent album ‘LP4’ released in June. Ratatat, formally known as Cherry, create instrumentals that prove their worth as both wild and danceable.

Sounds like: The Management meets Depeche Mode

Staff Favorites:

1. Wildcat (Classics)

2. Seventeen Years (Ratatat)

3. Loud Pipes (Classics)

Wait What

Covering a variety of artists including The Notorious BIG, Eminem, LCD Sound Systems, and The XX, Charlie Kubal formulates mashups in very appealing and strengthening way. Fluidity stands out in “The Notorious XX,” where the sincerity of Notorious’s words and rhymes bolster in the sound of the riff; go ahead and check out what Wait What’s all about.

Sounds like: Electro meets Hip-Hop

Staff Favorites:

1. Mo stars mo problems

2. Infinite victory

3. One more chance for a heart to skip a beat

Rage Against the Machine

Reaching triple platinum status in 1996, the hard rock, hip-hop metal band RATM of Los Angeles, California tours around the world today in rising stature. After a partial break up, and then reunification in 2008, Guitarist Tom Morello and lyricist Zack De La Rocha head the group again with ten hit albums such as the original ‘Rage Against the Machine’ and ‘Evil Empire.’ The band uses it’s power in fan base to portray a political stance of peace and equality for the masses, especially in regarding the corruption of society. Continuing to spread the idea of social justice, Rage will travel to South America for a concert series beginning on October 9th, carrying the weight of extreme voice of opinion and independence with them.

Sounds like: Heavy Rock, bash heads

Staff Favorites:

1. Maria

2. Pistol Grip Pump

The Magnetic Fields

Considered in both the experimental and pop noise subgenres,  the Magnetic Fields have put forth nine albums since 1995, including ‘I’, ‘Distortion’, and most recently ‘Realism’ released in January of 2010. To mesmorize their listeners, the group cleverly combines instruments including the accordian, banjo, piano, guitar, percussion, bass and cello. Stephin Merritt and Claudia Gonsen take the lead vocals.

Sounds like: Neil Young with the Wallflowers and Pink Floyd

Staff Favorites:

1. Drive on, Driver

2. Three-way

3. Old Fools

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  1. Dearest Zach, I absolutely adore Ratatat (aka R@@@) and thank you (times a million) for getting them out there!

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