Brahma Ballads 2.1

Another dose of intelligent sounds for your ears, this week’s music includes.


The four time platinum American musician/ songwriter is seen as one of the most creative and idiosyncratic musicians of the 1990’s and 2000’s . Beck has released twelve albums that vary from alternative rock to folk music and to blues. He worked on the movie “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” composing the songs that Scott Pilgrim and his band play. Beck stomped  into the music world by continually sneaking onto stages at coffee houses and punk performances to play his music from there he met Chris Ballew, founder of The Presidents of the United States of America; and performed with him repeatedly until releasing his first album. 

 Sounds like: Alternative-Rock meets a varying mix of either; Folk, Latin,or Funk.

Staff Favorites

Devil’s Haircut


Que’ Onda Guero

  Daft Punk:

The electronic music duo consisting of French musicians Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, Daft punk is one of the more popular DJ’s from the house(music genre) movement in France. Known for their three very successful albums “Homework”, “Discovery”, and “Human After All”, Lately they have been doing the score for “Tron Legacy” which is a sequel to a movie from which they are heavily influenced from. The Tron Legacy Soundtrack comes out November 11th.

Sounds like: Techno mixed with soul and funk

Staff Favorites

One More Time(Discovery)

Da Funk (Homework)

Harder Better Faster Stronger(Discovery)

My Chemical Romance:

The emo-rock band back from 2006 is releasing a new album called “Danger Days “which will release November 22. They haven’t done much since the single for “The Watchmen” soundtrack “Desolation Row” except touring every now and then. Bob Bryar also left the band in March this year which has delayed the new album. Even though people disliked “The Black Parade” check out “Danger Days” when it comes out. The British magazine Rock Sound previewed the album, commenting “the way they’ve used everything they learned on ‘The Black Parade’ and tightened up in certain places feels natural and confident” and that it sees “the creativity of the band taking flight musically, graphically and literally.”

Sounds like: Alternative emo rock

Staff Favorites:

Desolation Row

Famous Last Words

Give ‘Em Hell, Kid

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