A Midsummer Night’s Dream REVIEW

Dontell Sylvester

A live dog, a drag queen and The Fairy Court. Mac Arthur’s very own take on William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream is the play you can’t miss this year!

The original Shakespeare version of AMND was a humorous yet serious story on the tragedies of love. Set in Athens, four lovers are betrothed to marry one another in Theseus’ (Michael Zaiontz) kingdom. Lysander (Kevin Davis) and Demetrius (Tony Vega) are in love with Hermia (Vanessa Guidana) while Helena (Madeline McBroom) wishes that Lysander returned the love she has for him.

Mac Arthur’s interpretation is quite the same, yet much more entertaining! As the satyrical subplot enacted within the show lets a man show his curves in a sequin red dress while telling the myth of Pyramus and Thisbe. Both the satire and AMND show the trials of love and the catastrophe that happens in between. All the while, King Oberon (Kaleb King) and Titania (Srah Parrish) cause mayhem for the lovers. The phrase “Every guy wants what he can’t have” comes to mind as Lysander and Demetrius come to pursue and fight over Helena, while the tables are turned and Hermia is left wishing that Demitirus loved her.

The talented and passionate cast have truly outdone themselves. From the classy and passionate portrayal of Oberon to the cunning wit of Peter Quince (Trevor Stokes) and his fellow actors (Antonella Cullen, Dontalle Sylvester, Alan Rubolia, Daiquonne Lanier, Aaron Meullion), A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a humorous yet professional example of Mac Arthur’s best entertaining the masses.

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