It’s not just X’s and O’s, it’s life.

   Behind every successful football team is a leader, mentor, motivator, and friend behind its force.  This week MacArthur Football Coach Van Fuschak shared his philosophies behind the game as he spoke as a guest at Dave Parker’s Coach’s Corner, sponsored by Team Express.

Along with discussing highlights of the season, Coach Fuschak jokes about washing clothes as he speaks at Dave Parker's Coach's Corner.

Arriving to school at 6 AM everyday, Fuschak means business when it comes to doing his job.

“It’s the excitement of the kids that motivates me,” he said.

Speaking of motivation, it’s the key factor for his players, and in how a game’s end result is determined.

“It’s something you work on continuously because there’s so many things [the players] are a part of, and they lose focus. Trying to stay focused today is a lot more difficult that it was years ago. You have to focus to win,” said Fuschak.

As far as changes to the team is concerned, their priorities on how to score are evident.

“We sort of changed gears as far as offensive shifts goes. We’re not so much a throwing team now, but a running team. Slowly but surely [the other coaches and I] are bringing [the kids] to how they want to be,” he said.

Another component to a winning team that the players are well aware of  is plain ‘ol discipline.

“The kids know what they should be doing. I don’t think you can win without discipline, and our kids know that,” Fuschak said.

Besides making plays and watching film from the previous games, Fuschak goes beyond his position and also works as an administrator to the campus.

“At the start of the year there’s your eligibility to send to UIL. You have your game reports you have to do. Dr. Turnbo does ask us to do things such as cafeteria and bus duty. It might be stretching us as thin, but the coaches know what they have to do,” he said.

Although football season has its setbacks, such as arriving to campus late on game nights, or even assisting in washing the players’  jerseys, Fuschak credits those who’ve supported him from the beginning.

“We have great parents that help us and our program. I’ve been very fortunate, all the guy’s I’ve [hired and planned out] have been very good,” said Fuschak.

It’s through these words and actions that Fuschak symbolizes pure dedication,  a characteristic radio couldn’t hide from the show’s avid listeners.

Team Express’s Dave Parker’s Coach’s Corner airs every Wednesday at 7 PM on AM 930 at Baseball Express, located on 1003 E Nakoma St.

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