Clean Enough

Oil rigs like this one are now free to drill. photo by Daniel Delarosa

A  favorable law was withdrawn by the Obama administration last week. The withdrawl may benefit many Americans including students at MacArthur. The Obama administration lifted the six month ban on offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

The ban was placed because of the April 20th oil rig explosion that leaked  an estimated 206 million gallons of gas into the gulf. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said that “there will always be risks associated with deep-water drilling,” but concluded that “we have significantly reduced those risks.” All oil rigs,  much like BP rig that exploded 6 months ago, located in the gulf have regained permission to drill into the ocean.

This is delightful news for American consumers, including locals here at MacArthur. The chances favor lower gas prices throughout the United States. Students here at Mac that drive vehicle may potentially have more money to spend on clothes or Friday nights.

The national gas price average however is $2.77 according to the Lundberg survey given last Friday, October 8th. The average diesel price is $3.09 Texas gas prices average $2.67 for unleaded and $2.96 for diesel. Keep in mind that the averages were gathered on the 8th, and the ban was lifted on the 12th.

Americans can only hope gas prices have reached the peak of their price range. The allowance of oil drilling in the gulf should lower the undesirable prices that currently stand.

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