Adventure Days: Get Out and Play!

With the season’s change from summer to fall comes not only the opportunity to wear sweaters and see ever-changing leaf colors, but also cooler temperatures- allowing us more outdoor activities. Here are some ideas:

Japanese Tea Gardens: These lush gardens overlook beautiful San Antonio, hosting a variation of scenery including the downtown area, Trinity University, and the San Antonio Zoo. Home to a Pagoda and multiple trails, it’s a must see for those looking become more familiar with the San Antonio skyline. Take a picnic, and stay until the blue afternoon skies meet shades of purple and orange and all hues of pink!

"Japanese Tea Gardens" Photo by: Estefania Lamas

Admission: Free

Estimated driving time from Mac: 10 minutes

For more information:


Comanche Lookout Park: The recently opened trails on the Northeast side of town are deemed as “Real gorgeous” by Junior Renee Cornue. With the temperatures plummeting, now’s the perfect time to go for a hike! After traversing about two miles, the turnaround point is the original “Comanche Lookout Post” where the Comanche Natives would scour the land.

Admission: Free

Estimated driving time from Mac: 15 minutes

For more information: On the Web!

Hondo Corn Maizes: While aliens may not have created these corny masterpieces, the folks at the Hondo Corn Maize have turned this into a digital art form. Using GPS devices to direct the plow, they create different designs every year. This year’s design? Country superstar George Strait! Well, his face at least.


  • Kids (4-11)- $7.50
  • Adults (12-Adult)- $9.50

Estimated driving time from Mac: 45 minutes

For more information:

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