Club of the Week: Fishing Club

Throughout the years fishing has become a way of competing, bonding or just relaxing in general, and it is certainly not restricted to any age groups or organizations. For this reason, the club of the week is Mac Arthur’s own fishing club.

Sponsored by Coach Kruger, the fishing club has been around for about four to five years. Currently there are 15 active members, each of which enjoys the pastime as much as the one before them.

“Since we have such a small group of people it makes us a tight-knit group and really brings us closer together,” says Coach Kruger.

The group goes on trips to different state parks to participate in competitions as well as leisure time.

“We have gone to a couple state parks before, we just recently went to Choke Canyon to go do a little leisure fishing.”

This group’s activities are not limited to fishing however.

Coach Kruger said, “We do some volunteer work sometimes Sean Schaefer who is the club president even wants to start planning a deep sea diving trip.”

So as you can see, this tight-knit group of friends is definitely ready to accept any new-comers who want to expand their skills and enjoy the great sport of fishing.

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