Fashion File: Kaitlin Veltri

Photo by: Estefania Lamas

Kaitlin Veltri is your usual hipster, with an “Urban Renewal” mindset. She says “It’s just a renewal type of thing. I love going to Thrift-town, and I love wearing my dad’s old band t-shirts. I guess my style’s like art… kind of.”

As for her celebrity style icon, she says “I don’t know anyone… I guess I have a style all my own,” she says with a tinge of sarcasm.

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About Estefania Lamas

Hello! My name is Estefania Lamas and I'm a Senior Editor for Brahma Tales. I like bed time stories, movie-worthy adventures, and reading a whole bunch. I'm a fan of topics like international relations and socio-economic revolutions.

One thought on “Fashion File: Kaitlin Veltri

  1. Dang. I really wish i could be as awesome and stylish as this girl. Her vintage clothes from Buffalo Exchange and Thrift Town make me want to live in the 70s. And that hair? So incredible. Her friend Estefania is wonderful (along with her photography skills) too. Without somebody like her, Kaitlin’s prowess would have only been present on her blog. Everyone should have a pair of moccasin boots. They’re like giant slippers, but woodsy. One can only dream.

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