Halloween Spectacles – Costumes

Kaylee Adams (12) is Hermione Granger. Photo by Hannah Jones

A creepy and strange night to countless people around the world Halloween was introduced by Northern Europeans at the turn of the nineteenth century. Halloween spreads the joy and trickery and the parties and candy-searching will go on late into the night.  Everyone needs their own costume to conceal their identity and several students already know what they’re going to rock this year:

“Snooki, Enough said.”

-Bianca Torres (10)

“Nikki Minaj, because she’s ghetto fabulous, and she has a mad flow, yo.”

-Taylor Robbins (10)

“High school choir teacher, because I’ve been inspired by Mr. Woodward.”

-Nick Ruiz (10)

“Cheshire cat because he’s the baddest feline ever, and the best character in Alice in Wonderland.”

-Briana Exom (11)

“Shaquille O’Neal, because I’m a baller and I’m ridiculously tall.”

-Jordan Pratt (11)

“Wonder Woman, because she saves the world time and time again.”

-Kendall Herold (10)

“A cat. I look like one!”

-Michaela Muniz (10)

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