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The newest addition to the world of guitar-based games is Rock Band 3. Although this is the newest in music-based videogames series, many of its creators fear that it may not draw in as much money as they had hoped. The reason for this is the frightening statistics put out recently by MTV games stating that music-based videogame sales are down fifty percent this year, a ten percent increase from last year’s forty percent. Needless to say that many people are hoping that Rock Band 3 will break this unfortunate chain of depreciation.

Along with the obvious addition of tons of songs and artists like John Lennon, The Doors, Billy Joel and Bon Jovi, Rock Band 3 contains a little bit of everything for everybody. The game also offers many new features to its gameplay as well as how it is played.With the addition of a new keyboard to the list of instruments and a redesigned guitar controller with actual chord based strings, this game is sure to get the whole family and occasionally even the neighbors involved.
So will Rock Band 3 break game makers’ stroke of bad luck? This answer will soon become apparent in the weeks to come.

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