This year’s Halloween themed Coffee House Haunted Hullabaloo was a spectacular night of music and Halloween fun. The punk band Für F– opened the night up with some original songs and a cover of The Girl Next Door by Blink 182.Tthe usual antics that follows Für F– was present ranging from crazy lyrics to involving the crowd in their performance. The costume contest’s winner was tied between Shawn Oursland, senior, who was Captain Underpants and Willie Brown, senior, who was a blue collar character with a mullet and a mustache.  There were two piano performances the first  by Lauren Janoe, senior, who played the Super Mario theme song. The second was a duet piano performance , with seniors Marisa Hickman  and Andrea Mejia playing Fur Elise and the theme to Silent Hill.  Senior Briana Cardenas read her  piece of poetry called Rough Edges, which was very emotionally gripping . The two German transfer students Colin and Micah introduced themselves, and then translated words the crowd gave them . There was a “rap off” between the Oursland brothers Shawn and Adam, junior,involving various jokes about themselves and each other.  Adam won hilariously.  The night closed with our own Lost Allegiance who finished with a bang of dancing and a mosh pit.

Overall the energy of the night was always fun and comedic, there never was a boring moment. Before and after each performance Wyatt Scott, junior, said a joke or two about a random topic or the performers, quite comedic. Bags of candy were also given out to anybody who wanted some, which was a nice treat in addition to all the performances for only $3. It was overall a great night, and everybody there looked like they were having a blast. If you like fun and music you shouldn’t miss out on the next Coffee House.

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