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Technology is shifting towards new mediums these days, we no longer need physical books anymore. The age of digital media is upon us and we should take advantage of that, classrooms will shift from books to laptops. We can use videos and clips from the internet to teach. Whole lessons can be based around a video about that subject. Yet most English and history classes only use books to teach. Why not take advantage of the accessibility of the internet and learn from viewing something instead of reading it. Over time schools would save money on printing from this shift towards technology.

History should be taught through a series of episodes about that time period. The History Channel has whole segments about the truly important periods of time that immerse the viewers into that time, not just tell them about it. You grasp the actual understanding of history through video, not just dates and times of these important events. Instead of reading about a battle or event, it is depicted with actors and actual feeling to entertain as well as teach the viewer about this time.

Taken from Google images

Overall, many subjects already take advantage of video. Yet the concept of entertaining the student in addition of teaching them makes class more fun. Participation and attitude would shift completely to a more positive feeling, instead of a feeling of a complete lack of enthusiasm. One more push should be made to make history and English classes adapt a more video based curriculum. Students would make better grades and be more cheerful because of it.

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