Brahmas Love Harry Potter!

There are many avid Harry Potter fans at MacArthur, and most of them are going to the premiere of The Deathly Hollows Thursday at midnight.  Some English teachers are giving extra credit to see it. We interviewed some of the members of the Harry Potter club about what they are doing for the premiere, and their opinion on the series:

I don’t expect it to be as good as the book, but with The Deathly Hollows being split into two films they hopefully won’t cut out as many characters.Kaylee Adams (12)

I actually have two favorite characters the Weasley twins, they’re cute and funny. I would totally be best friends with them if they were real. Well actually,  I like all of the Weasleys . . . except for Ginny she just feels so fake. – Ashley Havnivice (12)

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