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Giving is the Most Rewarding Thing to Receive photo by Brittany Trub

Hey Brahmas! Instead of worrying about NHS volunteer hours or filling out college applications, here’s a few new options to give back to your community. These three organizations are legitimate, fun and fulfilling, all located in San Antonio.

Organization: SA Youth

Location: 508 Center St., SA TX 78202

Phone: 210-223-3131

Website: http://sanantonioyouth.org

Interest: Feeding San Antonio youth and homeless during the Thanksgiving holiday. Students may volunteer to be drivers, however all volunteers must be able to lift at least 20 pounds of food.

Age limit: 14 and up

Date: 11/23/10 1-3 pm

Organization: Habitat for Humanity

Phone: 1-800-422-4828 Ext. 2412

Website: http://www.habitat.org/youthprograms/ages_14_25/ages_14_25_default.aspx

Interest: Understanding cultures and building homes, group-individual travel. Worldwide volunteering projects are available during the summer with  low cost to new exciting places such as Guatemla, Thailand and India. Students age 16-20 can volunteer for up to two weeks and travel abroad to help underdeveloped villages and nations.

Campus charters and partnerships are available for students. At San Antonio locations students can also volunteer for local habitat projects.

Organization: Morgan’s Wonderland

Phone: 877-495-5888

Age: 16 and up

Interest: Morgan’s Wonderland is a family fun park for children and adults designed to fit impaired people. The 25 acre park needs 100,000 volunteer hours annually and each volunteer has a special impact on those he/she helps.

 Conditions: Students must fill out an online application and be willing to take a background check.

Website: http://www.morganswonderland.com/Morgans-Wonderland-Volunteers.html

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