iTunes Welcomes The Beatles

The artwork for the Abbey Road album.

Apple released several announcements regarding iTunes that has given iPod owners something to work with. Plans to retrieve an iTunes Library from any computer and rumors for a subscription plan. Known for a fact is the long awaited release of the 13 remastered studio albums from the threshold of EMI Group, the Beatles’ record label. Well, it’s about time!

Did you ever search the iTunes Store for The Beatles only to find cover bands? Try again! As of Nov. 23 morning the public was allowed to purchase the music. The downside is that every song costs $1.29, as opposed to the normal 99¢ per song.

The remastered albums have been released since September of last year, meaning iTunes has simply caught up with the digital music world. It was a poor decision for iTunes to miss out on all the royalty money they could have earned in 2009, although fans are certainly excited as songs like Let It Be climb to the top of iTunes sale charts.

Apple announced a plan that would allow iTunes users to access their music, videos, and pictures from any computer using cloud computing. Using “the cloud” is equivalent to saving files online. Think of it as uploading a video to YouTube or saving emails. An iTunes Library would be stored in a database until requested from a computer. The process seems convenient, but shady. People steal music everyday and may fear the big brother watching over our digital files.

It’s nice to know that Apple is advancing the technology for the program that stores your music, not just the device that plays it. Chances are that The Beatles are already on your iPod as on mine, but it’s never too late to join the bandwagon.

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