Ramps and Rails: MacArthur Skate Club

Brandon Green,(12) ollies down the 9 staircase in the courtyard.

MacArthur High school is represented by the clubs students take part in. One of the distinctive organizations is the skate club here at Mac. These local skaters with all levels of talent gather every Tuesday in Mrs. Beres’ room. They all have a unique personality about them; all have their own special board. Brandon Green, a senior that has been skating for four years, shares his skateboard of choice.

“I enjoy skating on my Anti-Hero deck and Independent trucks,” Green said.

Of course, these die hard skaters practice their skills everyday outside of school. Some prefer vert skateboarding and visit their local skateparks, some prefer street skating and stick to drainage ditches in their neighborhood.

Their taste in music is unpredictable. It may be any musical artist from Megadeath to Kid Cudi. Often, you see a skater rolling down the street with headphones on, but Green says otherwise.

“My iPod distracts me, I am more likely to fall off my board,” he says.

Members treat the club casually, not competitively. Individuals are never discriminated against. They’re fond of teaching new tricks or playing a game of S-K-A-T-E, which is similar to H-O-R-S-E. The skate club choose LBJ skatepark for off campus participation, where there are plenty of ramps and rails to go around. Most skaters are fearless and will usually try any ramp despite how tall or steep.

“Just go for it, ” said Brandon right before  dropping in.

Rest assured, the Mac Skate club is completely safe and has all liabilities taken care of, as the club members are required to sign a waiver. Interested? Just visit Mrs. Beres or find a local school skater to join.

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