Blinded by Science

Sam Roberts (12) works out a problem during a UIL practice.
Sam Roberts (12) works out a problem during a UIL practice. Sam Roberts (12) starts on a practice worksheet.

Most students at Mac don’t like to take tests, and what could be worse than taking tests all day? Well, a select group of MacArthur students take tests all the time, and bring back rewards and honor for Mac every time they do. An elite group of academaniacs who look forward to taking tests, sitting in classrooms, and non-stop studying.

Science UIL and Number Sense is that group of students, who include the great minds of Ruth Park (11), Josh De La Garza (12), and defending State Champion for Science UIL, Sam Roberts (12).

“Freshmen year, my older brother said I should go,” said Sam Roberts about how he got into UIL, “and that there would be free food. Halfway through sophomore year is when I started doing well.”

The club sponsor , Mr. Matt McDaniel, took over the club in 2002. “There was an older coach who stepped down,” said McDaniel, “and I volunteered.” McDaniel added “My proudest moment so far was last year at district, which we won, when the team was really working together well and becoming friends with each other.”

Other members of the club have their own moments of pride. Senior Josh De La Garza reportedly has a “big box full of trophies, ribbons, plaques.” Kendall Fox (12), who does most of the Number Sense events, recalls getting 6th place at region last year, while Josh’s younger sister Kristen De La Garza (9), who’s only been to two meets, has already earned a stack of ribbons.

Mr. McDaniel iscautious about Mac’s chance at state. “I think we have a legitimate chance in Science. There is an early challenge in Brandeis, and later on some of the Brownville schools.”

Having earned 1st place in their last meet, Science UIL presses forward toward state.

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