Our Lady of 121st Street- Review

Kevin Davis (11) and Vanessa Guadiana (12) in Our Lady of 121st Street. Photo by Sean Galvan


MacArthur Theatre department’s adaptation of Our Lady of 121st Street by Stephen Adly Guirgis should not be missed!  The show will be presented in The Black Box at 7:oopm on December 7-10 (Tuesday-Friday) and Saturday, December 11th at 2:30 and 7:00pm for $6.

This tragedy comedy revolves around the disappearance of Sister Mary Rose’s body from the morgue, and the town’s resulting urge to reunionite and interact with each other. As it turns out, everyone in the town acquired something  positive from Sister Mary Rose during her lifetime.

The Harlem nun becomes a symbol for the town’s goodness. Throughout the production, characters immerse themselves in their sorrows and troubles in sometimes hilarious ways, creating the idea that they will continue their lives despite the hard times.

Among the story’s characters are Trevor Stokes (11) as Victor, the pantless mourner,  Auya Rose (12) as Norca, a loud and problematic woman, and Laeree Lepovitz (11) as Father Lux. Kaleb King (12) plays Balthazar, the drunkard detective and Kevin Davis (11) as Edwin,  a building superintendent who holds himself responsible for his disabled brother.

The tech crew also largely influenced the scenes in The Black Box, moving swiftly and creating influential, emotional lighting for each scene.

Our Lady of 121st Street is surely meant for mature audiences. The hilarity and suspense of MacArthur’s adaptation is very appealing and once again will impress the masses in our fine arts community.

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