Semester Testing: January 10-15

Exams. The grievous time of studying and sulking, passing or failing has come again. The first half of the year is over, and with that end comes a new season for learning, conversing and living amongst high school peers. For the teachers, this testing will reveal each class’s standing for the semester and will be a determent of what we might have soaked in throughout the first 88 days of school. This test counts as 20% of a student’s semester grade, and for most big classes, those preparations loathed should be made. As next week rolls by, remember these few tips while you hyperventilate through classes.

Finish your study guides. I know, they are long and grueling, but in some cases they may pay off. You might gain a few extra points on that two hundred question test, or in the worst case, you might learn.

Try to come to class with a good night’s sleep. Remember to eat breakfast to get the brain flowing. If not a morning person, one sure fire wake up could be a dose of 5-hour energy. A wide awake person can surely perform better, especially through the clocks ticking and the adrenaline pumping in fear of getting all the answers down.

Mr. Hal Jennings, AP Calculus teacher, said to his classes a good way to keep the thoughts moving is to eat a snack before the test. He added that having a mint or even a York peppermint patty, releasers of those good ol’ brain endorphins, will stimulate the brain for those extraneous integrals.

As this week of testing agony begins, remember not to freak out. Take the time needed for each section and dig into mind for the information teachers so heartily taught you.

For the week of January 10-15, 2011, the testing schedule is as follows, with 40 minute study classes:

Monday- 1/10. Full day for review.

Tuesday- 1/11. Full day, 4th and 6th periods.

Wednesday-  1/12. Full day, 3rd and 5th periods.

Thursday- 1/13. Early release at 1:30, 1st and 7th periods.

Friday- 1/14. Early release at 1:30, 2nd and 8th periods.

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