Shoulder Pads are Still in Style

“I used to care how people perceived me, however, what I like is what I am. I love the way I look, I don’t care if [The Student Body] thinks I’m weird. Fashion is a three-hundred billion dollar industry, [so why not?]”

Posed in his black denim skinny jeans and fitted coat, Ryan Leach, sophomore, explained his desire for the outrageous yet modern style of dress.

“[Looking fashionable] feels good. When you’re at a store and you find that outfit that you fall in love with is something I go after, especially with a great sale,” Ryan said.

Being a male fashion icon of the¬†school is something Ryan embraces and owns everyday while fulfilling his dream of going into the fashion industry. Everyday, Ryan has as new style to display trying his best to avoid ‘outfit-repeat’. From low v-necks to leather boots paired with a vintage jacket, there is always a new and exciting look to remind others that shoulder pads, boots and leather is still in style.

” I see the body as a canvas, like an artist working with his canvas. [The body] is a bare object to make art on. [People] are supposed to look outrageous, not just plain and bare,” he said. Ryan hopes to inspire people to break out of their shell and express themselves through style of dress. Understanding how many might think he is too “bold”, being bold is the exact thing that makes Ryan Leach who he is.

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