Hunting Safety Tips for 2011


It’s hunting season again everyone, but before you decide to head out with the family to go reap the benefits of this time, know that we here at Brahma Tales have provided you with ten helpful tips that will ensure that your hunting trip is not only exciting,but more importantly, safe.

  1. Wear the required amount of orange clothing so that you are not mistaken for an animal by another hunter.
  2. Hunt with a buddy, this will ensure that if anything should go wrong, you will   have someone there with you that will be able to find help.
  3. Assume every gun is loaded, whether you pick it up, hand it to someone, or aim it, assume that there is a round chambered so that an accident will be less likely.
  4. Always keep your weapon on safety and point the barrel down when walking or transporting your weapons.
  5. Do not bring small children to the hunting site.
  6. Always maintain your weapons and equipment and make sure they work properly both before and after hunting sessions.
  7. Look beyond your target, people in the surrounding area or behind your target are in danger of being hit by a stray bullet, high powered ammunition can travel up to a mile while still maintaining deadly force.
  8. NEVER shoot at a sound or movement; this is how many hunting accidents happen. People may be making their way through the woods and would be very unhappy if  they were to be mistaken for game.
  9. Store your ammunition separately from your firearms.
  10. Make sure that all animals are completely dead before putting them on or in your car.

These rules may seem like common sense to many who hunt more often then others, but they are needed to provide a safe environment as well as a fun one.

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