"The House of Gaga" photo by: Estefania Lamas

When you start seeing garbage bags and boxes with equations paraded around a Macroeconomics AP classroom, you start to wonder if you’re living in the times of the Great Depression. Mr. Damon Peterson,  AP Macroeconomics teacher, decided to assign his senior students with “Fashionomics”, a project where students review the concepts learned during the semester by placing equations in their “collections”. “The House of Gaga” for example, had the poverty collection. They used bubble wrap, plastic bags, and a box to display their “poverty chic” line on  models Cailee Jo Whitefield, Haydee Fabian, and Cody Bryant. Another group, led by Claudia Castillo, had the topic of economics through the ages, creatively adding a flapper’s outfit, as well as a 50’s skirt to represent the different ages. Mr. Peterson says, “I used this project to reward students on their hard work at the end of the semester. They’ve been having lots of fun with it. I’m really glad with the results.”

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