Toe Tap Time-Grupo Folklorico Magnifico

The Grupo Folklorico Maginifico practices one of their dance routines. photo by Daniel De La Rosa

Throughout the world there are diverse cultures, many who have distinctive dance styles. The Grupo Folklorico Magnifico practices Folklorico and Flamenco dancing. The class is taught by certified instructor, and science teacher Ms. Teresa Reyna in the Senior dining hall.

Folklorico and Flamenco dancing are considered fast paced and high energy workouts. Participants can burn up to 500 calories an hour while having fun at the same time. Not only is it a healthy activity, but it will also improve those lame dance moves some people possess.

The female participants usually wear small heels and long, traditional dress or skirt with bright colors or designs that reflect Spanish culture. The dance moves are exaggerated and highly choregraphed. Much of the technique revolves around leg kicks, foot taps, and skirt swings. Folklorico and Flamenco dancing are closely related to other styles such as Cumbia and Salsa dancing.

Monica Palacios (11) expresses her joy for Flamenco and Folklorico dancing.

” I’m glad we have a group for it, because it’s not a class,” Palacios said.

The dancers continue to improve every time they meet. Learning the dances takes much patience and commitment, but is rewarded with having a good time and learning new things. The Grupo Folklorico Magnifico keeps MacArthur in touch with the Latin style dances that surround us in today’s world.

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