MLK Jr. Day and our Fixation on Holidays

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As the new semester begins our classes tend to mesh together and causes school to be dreary. Yet what frees us from the  sense of déjà vu we get every day is a holiday to let us take time off to relax and catch up on well needed sleep . These Monday holidays are necessary for our sanity and general well being. They help recuperate our minds back to a state in which we function efficiently.

Holidays also seem like a way to help break up the norm, to alter the week into a shorter more bearable time. Considering how much time we have off from Thanksgiving and winter break, those could be removed and in return indefinitely have Mondays off. (This is all obviously speculation though, but can you imagine four days of school a week every week.)

The most recent was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, an important date which celebrates the birthday of a man that forever changed the world. We honor Dr. King in multiple ways,  but MLK day is one of the most important. Another way he is honored is through “The Kingdom Day Parade” in Los Angeles, an all day festival promoting peace.

Personally I become gelatinous blob each holiday, but I also thought of all he things Martin Luther King Jr. did to create equality for our country and how he continues to be an influential figure to all.

So I guess it comes down to the fact that as we enjoy the opportunity to “recuperate”  we should also think of all the important things these holidays are for, and maybe as more than “a day of rest” to those who need it.

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