“Be Mine.” Sincerely, a Candy Heart.

photo by Megan Feuerbacher

Valentine’s Day is coming up!  What does it mean to you?

People vary in the way they perceive the holiday; some absolutely adore it, while some loathe it, and they all have their genuine reasons for these feelings.  Therefore, everybody celebrates it differently.  Here are some accounts of what a few people think and will share before we get to the 14th:

The big thing of the day is the date that night.  Junior, Manny Gonzales, has his night all planned out.  “We’ll go to the Tower of the Americas, at the very top; hang out for a little bit and have coffee.  And then we’ll have parachutes and parachute off the building- with a professional of course.  And we’ll go straight down to the roof of a Red Lobster where they will have a table waiting.  And then after dinner… would a movie suffice?  No, there will be a projection of a movie right next to Red Lobster, and then a helicopter will pick us up and take us to a Holiday Inn where we will have a lovely evening… With a chaperone.”

Isabel Escobedo(junior) doesn’t like all of the hype associated with the holiday.  She thinks that for some people it’s great and she respects their opinion.  “For some people it’s a day about love and flowers and chocolates,” said Escobedo.  “But for others it’s about loneliness and not having a loved one there.”
On the other hand, Monica Villalobos(sophomore) loves the whole thing.  “I think it is really cute because it gives you a chance to show your love for everyone… And you get to pig out on brownies and candy!” Villalobos said.

The idea of a valentine has evolved and seeped into books, music, and even movies like the 2010 film, Valentine’s Day.  Senior Kieu Le is “a huge fan of chick flicks.”  She thinks they are cute and she really likes them.

Not everyone will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with someone this year however.  Many are looking for love, don’t care for love, or are not able to be with their loved one.  “I’m just trying to get with this girl, Michelle, but I don’t think she really likes me,” said Cameron Uptmore(11) while he “had something in his eye”.

So as we get closer to that Monday, think about what you will do for the special day.

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