Shining Stars

All State Choir is a huge honor to be a part of. It is a long audition process that takes a lot of hard work and motivation and only a select few get to try out.

“I was so excited to be a part of All Sate Choir this year. It’s my second year doing it and I worked hard for this opportunity,” said Mackenzie Walsh, junior.

Making it to All State Choir is a definite achievement for MacArthur choir students, and the chosen few were excited to be able to participate in this event.

Mackenzie Walsh (11) and Trevor Crawford (11) photo by Briana Cardenas

” This is a big deal for me, I’ve been looking forward to this since seventh grade. Ive worked towards All State Choir for three years,” said Trevor Crawford, junior.

People join choir for many different reasons. Some do it for the fine art credit and other do it because they have a passion for it. These rising stars have shown their love of music to the full extent and have received the recognition they deserve.

Choir Bulletin photo by Briana Cardenas

” I love to sing and I love the music. I don’t work hard in choir to show off, I work hard because I love the pieces I get to sing,” Crawford said.

Along with these two choir stars, Marcus Kang and Cailee Jo Whitefield are also going to be part of All State Choir this year.

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