Once Upon a Mattress

The cast of "Once Upon a Mattress" performing "Shy". photo by Anne-Marie Coffee

Contributed by: Rebecca Ellis

MacArthur Theatre Productions presented Once Upon a Mattress. The musical is based off of the fairy tale The Princess and the Pea.

What the audience didn’t see was the long and painful journey to be the best.

“Teaching the choreography becomes frustrating,” Madeline McBroom, senior, said, “when people don’t listen and talk over me.”

Professional plays run rehearsals for a long time. However, forĀ a high school theatre department, time is limited. In addition, the cast members also have other obligations to attend to outside of musical rehearsals.

“Being as talented as I am,” Trevor Crawford, junior, said. “I’m needed in other places as well as at rehearsals.”

Putting on a good show seems like it is all fun and games, but in reality, it is not like that at all. There are a few easy parts, though.

“Compared to other musicals, this music is simple,” Mr. Woodward, choir director, said.

Once the music is learned, the choreography gets added. On top of that comes the acting. You can’t act unless you put yourself in character, meaning that you become your character. In order to play the part correctly, the actor has to link their personality with their character’s.

“My character reflects my personality in a small way,” Crawford said. “He and I are personally devoted to our image and loved ones.”

Even the minor characters need to be connected to the actors themselves.

“Considering I am a lady,” Lacey Barkhurst, senior, said. “I can definitely add personality.”

A ridiculous amount of time and effort is put into a production. People are up until all hours of the night doing homework and studying. The one thing keeping every actor or actress going is knowing how the final product will turn out.

“It’s time consuming, but so much fun!” Crawford said.

Theater Productions always have at least one upside.

“Performing and being on stage is the best part,” McBroom said.

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