So Many Summas

This is the letter that notified summa students about their accomplishment. photo by Daniel De La Rosa

Every year, a handful of  seniors are recognized for their  academic superiority. These students maintain at least a 100 overall average and are members of the Summa Cum Laude.

The senior class is extremely competitive this  year. Last year racked up 50 Summas, and the year before that, 12. This year, 87 students made it on the list

Many of the names below contribute to the lists of people outside the nurse’s office that have been accepted to college in the past. Students in Pre-AP, AP, and GT classes receive  grade average multipliers which allows them to achieve averages over 100.

The title, Summa Cum Laude, is a Latin term that translates to ” with highest honor.”  It is the greatest of the the three honors, exceeding the Magna Cum Laude, and the Cum Laude.

The students will be commemorated in May. The Summa Cum Laude will possess tremendous value when it comes time to fill out those college applications.

Dina Acosta

Jordan Acosta

Christopher Arellano

Derek Atwood

Hannah Beck

Madeline Bethard

Dewey Bolton

John Brooks

Charles Brough

Matthew Cardone

Valeria Cenoz

Gregory Charlesworth

Anne-Marie Coffee

Logan Combs

Jate Cox

Hannah Curtis

Taylor Davies

Andrew Duke

Angela Ewaniszyk

Kelsey Falcone

Alyssa Fink

Deanna Flood

Carolina Flores

Sarah Francis

Samantha Frank

Cassandra Garcia

Rachel Garner

Ryan Giddings

Tessa Gonzalez

Vannesa Guadiana

Julia Guerra

Michael Gutierrez

Lizann Guzman

Matthew Haak

Natasha Halfin

Haley Hamilton

Wendy Hayes

Andrew Heinke

Andrew Herlich

Jacob Hopkins

Emily Horne

Anthony Irizarry

Alexxis Isaac

Allison Jayroe

Ashley Keeter

David Kernodle

Carolyn Kies

Lindsey Kissling

Sarah Landry

Benjamin Lytle

Brenda Marchand

Kevin Mayhall

Patrick McGinty

Patrick Mclaughlin

Richard McNitzky

Brandy Mercado

Thomas Moore

Melanie O’Neal

Sarah Pape

Raj Patel

Ravina Patel

Rachel Perrine

Aubrey Reichman

Erwin Reschke

Vivien Rivera

Rachel Roberts

Samuel Roberts

Daniel Sanchez

Hector Sanchez

Sean Schaffer

Alexandrea Schaper

Samantha Schott

Felicia Shraim

Esperanza Silguero

Brenna Smith

Olivia Suarez

Kevin Tang

Mayra Tellez

Elias Uriegas

Teresa Valadez

Alexandra Vasile

Carissa Washam

Cailee Whitefield

Emma Willhoite

Kirsten Wyatt

Shawn Yi

Cassandra Zapata

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