Electrical Students “Light it Up!”

The 2011 Electrical District competitions were held from Feb.10-12 and the results show an overhaul of awards for our local electrical students.

Of the 24 MacArthur students participating in this years event, 21 of those students placed.

” I feel good about this year, but next year I will try harder,” Sean Perez, sophomore,  said.

Sean placed second in the Project portion of District competition and explains what you are required to do. “[You need to] condense what you normally wire up into a 4×8 project,” Perez said.

Electrical teacher, Eduardo Del Toro, is also very pleased with his students’ performance.

“I am very proud of our students this year. I believe this is the best year I have had in five years. We took first place in every category we entered except for Job Interview,” Del Toro said.

Next up is the state competition, which will be held on March 31- April 2, 2011 in Corpus Christi.

“I feel really confident this year. Hunter Bakel will compete in the Residential Wiring competition. He won state last year and took us to nationals. I believe we will be heading to nationals again, but hopefully with more students,” Del Toro said.

Micah Yzaguirre (10) wires up his project. photo by Michael Ybarra

The results are as follows:


7 Projects Placed 1st

1. Hunter Bakel

2. Emilio Rivas

3. Stephan Gillenwater / Jesus Madera

4. Sabrina Levingston / Christopher Tovares

5. Greg Charlesworth

6. Uvaldo Plata / Tyler Davis

7. Paul Zuskind / Jose Olvera

2nd Place

1. Sean Perez / Monica Pena

2. James Bruchmiller / Calvin Cole

Best of Show: Hunter Bakel – Motor Control

Emilio Rivas – Residential

Technical Related Math:

1st place: Gabriel Yzaguirre


NEC Code Test:

1st Place: Michael Ybarra

3rd Place: George Mendez

Residential Skill Competition:

1st Place: Hunter Bakel

3rd Place: George Mendez

Industrial Motor Control Skills Competition:

1st Place: Daniel Satterfield

2nd Place: Joseph Schwind

3rd Place: Greg Charlesworth

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