Fight the Flu Fever!

Late Feb. through early March is the most active time for flu season. With such a large population of flu patients arising, clinics and hospitals have boosted their vaccine stocks. The causes of catching the flu easily be prevented with the right precautions towards personal hygiene.

Where to get flu shots?

The Metropolitan Health District of San Antonio offers FREE flu vaccines in the months of Feb. and Mar.

TX Med Clinic also provides 27 dollar shots at various locations. However, not all Med Clinics stock the shots. Two that do distribute the vaccines nearby include:

1007 N.E. Loop 410 and 7460 IH-35 North/Eisenhauer

Ways to fight the flu:

In every classroom, a stock of KleenHanz can be found attached to a wall relatively close to the entrance or exit door. After high-fiving with multiple people or rubbing your hands all over a desk, casually make your way to the antibacterial dispenser. It will always be there for you. However, the wipes do run out and are sometimes out of stock.

More than often, trash cans in restrooms are located near the door. Instead of washing your hands and immediately infecting them again by grabbing the grimy door, roll out an extra napkin and use it to grip the handle. Not everyone washes their hands after using the restroom. Their sicknesses are easily succeptable to your immune system. Then, you can hastily chunk your used paper towel into the nearby waste bin as the door closes.

WASH. YOUR. HANDS. This phrase is repeated countless number of times throughout school and health fairs. The easiest way to stay illness-free is to keep your hands clean.

Drink alot of orange juice this flu season and carry a bottle of antibacterial liquid. It’ll help you out in the long run.

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