International Club Tours LBJ Ranch

Cody Knoblock and Michael Richardson (10).

The foreign exchange and American students of the International Club experienced a bit of state and natonal history as they visited the LBJ Ranch and downtown Fredericksburg last Monday.

The students were exposed to many of the historical exhibits and presentations spread all along the ranch that Lyndon B. Johnson himself donated to the Texas Parks and Wildlife organization. Many activities included living like a German immigrant in Texas or exploring the house LBJ and his wife lived in. Sophomore Daisy Sandoval learned how to wash clothes like people did in the early 1900’s.

Daisy Sandoval (10) washing clothes the old fashion way.

“It was the most fun I’ve had all year with the club,” she said.

Following the hands-on history lessons was lunch at Auslander’s restaurant in Fredericksburg where traditional German food is served. Students and staff enjoyed plates with variations of sausage and pototoes. Afterwards, students explored German architecture and shops of Main Street.

The field trip may have been somewhat of a reoccurrence for American students, but for the foreign students, it was quite the learning experience.

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