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Boys' Basketball at UTSA Convocation Center 6 P.M. Friday. Digital Artwork by Estefania Lamas

The 411:

At last night’s boys’ basketball game Jace Amaro, senior forward, brought back a few memories from football season when the clock dwindled down and his team needed support. Stepping within a few feet of the bleachers, he raised his arms and encouraged the audience to “get loud”. Amaro’s cheerleading succeeded in riling up the anxious crowd and soon chants of “BRAH-MAS! BRAH-MAS!” were heard resonating through Littleton’s walls.

Determined more than ever to boost their defensive edge, the boys played what has to be their best game all season, upsetting Reagan (the number one seed in the district going into the playoffs) with their 57-52 win.

“It was big, we haven’t beaten Reagan all season and we were nervous as ever [at the 55.5 second mark]. [Max] Yon’s a great player, but we played a great defense on him and [Tre] Demps, who played with everything he had,” said Alonzo Lewis, senior guard.

This game proved to be a big confidence boost for the boys, who were pressured into a tight game late in the fourth quarter when Yon sank several three pointers, closing the gap to 52-52.

After Yon’s baskets and a last minute timeout, the boys returned to the court more determined than ever, with Amaro stepping up defensively to make crucial rebounds.

“We should have slowed the game down or tried getting some offensive sets going, and we shouldn’t have been in such a hurry. That resulted in turnovers which then resulted into points for them,” said Yon, who is committed to Air Force Academy’s class of 2015.

This game also proved to be a high point for sportsmanship. “[This game] everyone stepped up. It’s not about victory, although that was nice, it was about the team. This is unbelievable, it’s not real, it’s a dream,” said Jordan Pratt, junior guard, who made large contributions offensively, knocking down several free throws and bank shots. “It doesn’t matter where I’m making the baskets, or if I’m making them, as long as I’m helping the team out, it doesn’t matter,” Pratt continued.

But the sportsmanship didn’t stop there. The team spoke very highly of their opponents, calling Yon and Demps “great players” and recognizing that the Rattlers were overall the most challenging opponents they had faced all season.


The Highlight of the Game:

With less than four minutes left in the fourth quarter, Amaro’s foul on Yon (giving up three points at the line) forced the boys to make a comeback, or lose to Reagan’s strong offense. Michael Flores, senior guard, stole the ball and saw an opportunity to score, chest-passing it to wide-open Matt Gramling, junior guard, who missed the rim by a few inches. In a split second decision, Amaro used his position at the bottom of the key and powerful physique to box out Reagan’s left wing and rebound, making a bank shot to compensate for some of the free throw points given up earlier in the quarter.

Also notable was Ben Lytle, senior forward, whose impeccable timing proved to be beneficial for the Brahma’s fast break opportunities.

Mac Attack:

With this win, the boys continued MacArthur’s streak of successes. “Tonight, we made a real big statement that we can compete in any arena, with even the toughest opponents. The Brahmas simply cannot be beat,” says principal Bobbie Turnbo.

The boys’ next game is Friday, 6 P.M., at U.T.S.A.’s Convocation Center against Harlingen.

Useful Information For Friday’s Game:

For directions to U.T.S.A. from MacArthur: Click Here!

For directions to the Convocation Center (interactive map): Click Here!

For directions to the Convocation Center (printable map): Click Here!

For parking information for the Convocation Center: Click Here!

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