Stay Away from the Caution Tape: French Fashion

French-3 PreAp students have got it goin’ on;  last friday in Madame Kings’ class the “models” were the stars of a fashion show right here at MacArthur. The etudiants (students) all modeled a specific style, ranging from classic formal wear to dresses made from garbage bags. Truly, this was an avant garde show to witness.

Above: Raven Rodriguez (11) photo by Brittany Trub

One of the various highlights of the show would be that Justin Bieber was present. The one-and-only JBeibs, AKA  junior Justin Myers, strutted his stuff in purple skinny jeans and a turquoise v-neck.

From Left: Cintia Medina (11), Emily Hendricks (11), Justin Myers (11), Raven Rodriguez (11) photo by Brittany Trub

On the more formal side, juniors Taylor Johnson and Mackenzie Walsh, Jesse Montagna, Connor Plasters, Estefania Lamas, Jenny Njus, and Justice Lovin, along with senior Luis Martinez, all modeled the classy look.

From Left: Mackenzie Walsh (11), Jenny Njus (11) photo by Brittany Trub

Overall, these French students have some real potential.  Especially Jesse Montagna, with his “Mafia” look.

Above: Jesse Montagna (11) photo by Brittany Trub
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2 thoughts on “Stay Away from the Caution Tape: French Fashion

  1. Bravo Brahma Tales! The students all look wonderful! They did such sweet work and I am SO proud of them — each and every one.

    Attention, Chanel!

  2. Et mille fois merci to Brittany Trub! Journaliste extraordinaire and French 2 Pre-AP “‘etudiante” herself. Keepin’ it in the family! LOL/CDR.

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