Crocheting for a Cause!

Usually, Texas doesn’t get this cold; snow flurries everywhere and the need for large, fur jackets sky-rockets. The Oursland family has decided to take advantage of this, as their unique business venture erupted on campus. Katy, sophomore, Adam, junior, and Shawn, senior, have begun a small hat selling partnership, and now it’s as if every other person in the hallways is sporting a trendy crocheted beanie.

“Last year, my mom started crocheting. Then all my brother’s friends started asking about the hats, then mine,” Katy said. As word spread through out the freezing Brahma population, the Oursland business branched out.

“We really just started it so I can go to camp. I go to Southwest Texas Conference Midwinters’ camp, and selling the hats payed for my entrance fees. We raised over 100 dollars,” said Katy. Having such a small start, the Ourslands never thought their mother’s talent would ever be in such high demand.

Now that the weather is changing back to “normal,” the hats are still in style. Help support the Oursland fiasco and join your friends in the crochet crave.

Jonathan Neville (12) photo by Taylor Pena
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2 thoughts on “Crocheting for a Cause!

  1. Why did you call this an “Oursland fiasco”? Also, I am glad the kids have enjoyed the beanies… it’s been a lot of fun creating all the different color varieties kids have asked for.

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